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For example

            Visual                Audio

            Children playing video games                               “I’m going to beat you badly”

            Parents enter the room                                          “It’s time to turn off the games”
            Parents walk out of the room

            Parents slam-door behind them                              “Children laughing”
            Parents are sleeping in bed

            Parents wake up at 6 am hearing noise

            The wife gets scared and wakes her husband                 “Do you hear that?”
            Husband gets a baseball bat out of the closet

            Husband opens the kids’ room door

            Children are fighting over video games                     “You lost, it’s my turn”
                                                                       “No, it’s still  my  turn”

            Parents with a furious look on their faces                  “You kids were up all-night?”

                                                                        Kids reply, “Umm”
                                                                        Parents, “No more games”

            Children crying

            Don’t let this exercise prevent you from moving forward if you can’t think of visuals to match
            your text.  That’s what the next step has outlined for you.

            For more information on creating B-roll, planning, and scripting your message, please
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