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Step #4 -


            on the type

            of video

            to use

            So far… You have your goal; you know your           3. Story-driven videos
            audience persona, and you’re aware of               4. Case study videos
            what your competitors are doing to attract          5. Interview videos
            YOUR customers.  Now it’s time to choose            6. Testimonial videos
            the right type of video that will help you          7. Live videos
            repurpose the content you researched to             8. Explainer videos
            help you achieve your objectives.                   9. Social Media videos
                                                                10. FAQ Videos
            But first, before we get into the scripting
            of your video, it’s important to know that          This list is in no order because any of these
            different video types will help you achieve         types can be defining for your business.
            different business goals.  This may sound           You must choose ONE to start and master
            obvious, but many business owners make              for faster results.  The worst thing you can
            the mistake and use any video they acquire          do is try and mix-mash different types that
            to promote and market the same product              will push your business away from your
            or service… Then they wonder, “Why is my            audience based on how they like to receive
            video marketing not working?”  Always               information that was researched in STEP #2.
            remember the right video type is essential
            for your business.                                  Another important factor to consider is if
                                                                your video(s) will be a single release every
            Choose a video type from the list provided          so often OR part of an ongoing campaign.
            to get your creative juices flowing and             If you don’t know, continue through this
            figure out which would be best for your             guide and later learn what’s best for you.
            business model:
                                                                For more information on which video type
            1. Value, mission, and brand awareness              is right for your business and the structure
            videos                                              best used on the selected platform, please
            2. Animation videos                                 contact
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