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Step #8

            Video link



            If you followed the last step and have your         to save you a whole lot of time making edits
            primary host in mind, now it’s time to grasp        to get the video content approved.  Another
            this concept and create a link building             example of why you need to understand the
            strategy for your video content.                    platforms is Facebook and YouTube are quite
            An effective link building strategy will            different in how you deliver your message
            not only get you more viewership, but it’s          on those platforms.  For instance, if you have
            designed to bring most of your views to the         a weight loss offer and your message is,
            desired destination.                                “If you’re looking to lose weight be sure to
                                                                click and purchase…” You will not be able to
            Using Social Media is especially important          address your Facebook audience with that
            if you want a good distribution of your video       type of message word-for-word without
            content.  If the plan is to distribute your         getting your video disapproved, however,
            video on multiple social media platforms,           you will be able to distribute that very same
            that is great, but be sure to read the policies     message on YouTube.  You can see why
            and guidelines for said platform prior to           learning the guidelines is important and
            creating your video.                                leveraging the rules to create an effective

            Let’s use Instagram as an example of an             link building strategy is powerful.   If your
            effective link building strategy.  With only        business targets business owners, the same
            having a 60-second window to deliver a              rules apply.  Adapt your messaging to speak
            precise message, it isn’t ideal to condense         to professionals and provide links or a call-to-
            all your information within this timeframe,         action from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc
            but rather use Instagram to create a trailer        to where your audience can consume the full
            or sneak peek of your product or service.           video content.

            Once your audience watches your message             Bonus tip: Organic reach is becoming less
            and gets excited, provide a link or “Call-to-       and less every year.  Consider investing a
            action” to send them to the chosen platform         small sum of money to push your videos
            to watch the full detailed video. Again, if you     within the first few days after it is released for
            plan to distribute your videos on multiple          it to have a much better chance of gaining
            platforms, MAKE SURE to adapt them                  momentum and reaching the intended
            according to the guidelines of each platform        audience.
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