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Step #2 - Defining your target demographic

            You’ve probably heard about this exercise           minimum), but if not, you must figure out
            before and if you’re thinking to define             the needs of your target audience and what
            your target audience by determining their           you can do to have them interact with your
            age, gender, income level, education,               product or service.  Look at your current
            occupation, etc. You would be correct, but          client base OR your researched information
            in today’s world where marketing changes            on Google,,,
            very quickly, that information is just the          Online forums, Facebook Audience Insights
            very tip of the iceberg.                            Tool you can utilize for FREE with time
                                                                being the only investment.
            Not only are you required to know who
            the people are that you want to reach               There are many FREE tools to get insights
            with your video marketing, but you must             on your targeted audience, and once the
            know the kind of content your audience              research is completed, be sure to combine
            is most receptive to.  Besides the basic            your research into ONE audience persona
            information mentioned above, you are                before moving forward in this guide.
            required to dive into more specific metrics
            that are important for your business goals.         For more information to help you gain
                                                                accurate audience insights for your
            Take the time to analyze your previous              targeted customers, please contact info@
            interactions if you have many (100        
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