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Step #3 - Competitor research

            Here’s where things start to heat up in your          search engine listing that is ranked on
            business.  It’s important to invest the time          the first page, YouTube videos that get
            to research your competitors and see if               the most comments, etc.  If you feel your
            they’re using video marketing to gain an              competitors are “on to something” and are
            edge.  For niches such as fitness, cosmetic,          getting a lot of engagements and sales,
            food, or any other businesses that require            NEVER COPY, but repurpose the content
            interaction with people daily, will benefit           for your business.  Keep in mind knowing
            most from utilizing video content.                    which elements to repurpose is key and is
                                                                  all dependent on your niche.
            Click HERE to learn more on why you need
            video marketing.                                      Try not to focus all your time and energy
                                                                  on the execution and the visual elements
            It’s proven that to separate yourself from            your competitors use.  Instead, try and see
            the competition in a “Saturated” industry is          past the visuals to discover production
            to market your business angle through the             patterns and structures they use to
            use of video content.  Start by creating a            engage their audience.  Most importantly,
            spreadsheet of your top 10 competitors and            figure out the audience they’re trying to
            dive into their website, social media profiles,       target.
            YouTube, and search engine listings to see
            how they’re getting themselves out there.             For more information or help with
            Take the information that interest you, such          competitor research, please contact
            as posts that get the most engagements,     
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