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            as an


            Video marketing has become affordable               need to ensure your freelancer can cover:
            for any business today because the cost             1. Video editing
            of video productions has gone down                  2. Videography
            significantly over the years.  Gone are
            the days of teams, professional cameras,            3. Art direction – the ability to make your
            and directors on set.  You no longer need           video flow in an engaging way
            an entire crew to create effective video            4. Graphic design skills
            marketing campaigns.                                5. Animation – especially useful if you plan

                                                                to create explainer videos to represent
            Investing in an iPhone or Android will do           your business without you in them.
            the trick simply fine especially if you plan
            to release your videos on Social Media.             Take this information and ask questions in
            Giving a raw authentic feel in your videos          your search of the “Perfect” person to do
            are typically the ones that go viral and part       the job right.  If they have at least 3 skills
            of that experience is contributed by the            out of the 5 listed with video editing being
            simple video production.  However, if you           number one, you may have found the right
            have the means, and not very much time              fit for your budget.
            to learn how to plan, script, or edit, then
            outsourcing your videos to a professional           The best websites in our opinions
            team will be faster and can still give the          to search for Freelancers near you
            raw authentic feel.                                 are:,,

            If you need to outsource AND your
            budget is limited, you’ll need to look for          For more information on outsourcing and
            freelancers that have multiple skills, and          getting a full video marketing strategy
            don’t be afraid to make them work for their         for your business, please contact info@
            money.  Here are the main areas you’ll    
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