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Step #1 - Setting the objective

            This step is extremely important so be              transactions, etc?  There is no wrong
            sure to get this right.  The best approach          answer as long as you have a tactical
            is to always brainstorm with like-minded            strategy that brings your targeted audience
            people, but if that isn’t available, feel           around full circle to complete your ultimate
            free to have an honest conversation with            goal.
            yourself regarding the purpose of the
            video you want to create.                           Get as specific as you can and be sure that
                                                                your goals are perfectly in line with what
            Be sure to define your customer avatar              your business needs to achieve success.
            (target audience) and what you want them            For example, there is no point in setting
            to feel or know about your business at the          your objective to have people call your
            end of watching your video.                         business to purchase a product under
                                                                $30… The goal should be to drive online
            Decide if you want them to know                     transactions to save time and money hiring
            something in particular, or if you want             a representative to sell a low-ticket offer.
            them to undertake a certain action.  For
            example, are you looking for more leads             For more information on how to set the
            or to simply generate more buzz for your            right objective for your business, please
            business, phone calls, form fills, monetary         contact
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