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Now, promoting a service like this on Social Media wouldn’t work too well because social
            media marketing is interruption-based.  The user would literally need to be scrolling
            through their newsfeed at the time of the leak and come across an ad that offers services
            to fix their problem.  Therefore, if you have an emergency service like a roof leak and
            promote your video content on Social Media, you wouldn’t have much success at all.

            When you want to interrupt people scrolling in their news feeds to bring attention to your
            product or service, use social media.  When your research tells you that there is a high
            search volume for your product or service such as “Roof Leak”, Google would be best as
            people are not going to think about social media… Use this to determine which is best for
            your business.

            Bonus tip: YouTube videos get high traffic volumes which will contribute to your Search
            Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts organically, however, a native Facebook video has a much
            higher reach than YouTube or Vimeo links.

            For more information on where to host your videos or keyword research to target for your
            business on the correct platforms, please contact
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