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Step #5 - Scripting the video

            It is no secret that marketing videos with an authentic feeling perform the best and have all
            the potential to go viral.  Even though the word “Authentic” was mentioned, did you know
            96% of “Authentic” videos you may have come across were scripted?

            Not every detail needs to be scripted, but it’s important to create an outline of key points
            that need to be addressed in a logical order.

            If you consult with others or have team meetings, consider using a FREE tool such as
            Google Docs to encourage real-time collaboration with your peers. A practical exercise you
            can do by yourself or with a team is to create two-column scripts.

            One column with the text to describe the video content and the other column with visuals
            that coincide with the text.

            This is an effective trick many uses for B-roll footage or to simply gather their thoughts for
            the structure of their video to help sell their objective.
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