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Meet Denton Daley

Denton Daley

Wow!! Digital Marketing Agency, who would have thought? Before I became an expert using Google, Facebook and Instagram advertising… I sometimes forget how long ago it was when I became an entrepreneur back in 2001 and opened my first barbershop in my hometown.  I remember being very ambitious and going to school full-time, but I didn’t prepare for the long stressful working hours while studying to graduate from Business Administration.  After a few years of going to school and running my business full-time, I became extremely bored and exhausted!  Ironically I wanted more out of my life so I decided to give up a 6-figure income to follow my passion to become a professional Boxer long before I started my digital marketing agency. **Where the H*** did this come from?!?**.  I know… I know, it can be ‘crazy’ to give up a 6-figure income and start at the bottom in a sport that can ultimately lead to financial distress, not to mention permanent cognitive issues, but this was the risk I was willing to take at that stage in my life…

It is with complete satisfaction that I write this endorsement for both Denton Daley and his Dangerous Minds Media organization.  Denton and his team are helpful, knowledgeable and  fully committed to the job at hand.

We required a social media team that can truly understand both our social marketing challenges while guiding us through a new process.  When the pandemic hit we needed to rethink our strategies and find a way to be front and center in the minds of our potential customers during the lockdown.  We needed to be a voice in the fitness industry.

We are pleased to say that DMA helped us reached goals much higher than we expected.  We highly recommend this company, especially if you need a truly experienced team of professionals.

 Mrs. Dahouky (Lean & Fit ELITE Manager)

Kate Albanese
Angela H.

We the staff at  Mission Skin & Laser would highly recommend using Dangerous Mind Advertising for their advertising needs. We were extremely happy with the overall success of our ad campaign. It generated more leads than we could have ever imagined, we will continue to utilize their services, as it has helped grow our clientele immensely!.

Angela H. (Mission Skin & Laser Manager)

I hired team DMA to create an online presence for my construction company 6 months ago. After seeing how hard the team worked on the website I continued to have them do SEO work monthly. This has been a great success in achieving first page rankings for my keywords and boosting more cliental through the website. They have been first class helping me on all my marketing decisions and only continue to help me with any small ideas I have. The DMA team has excellent communication and is always looking for little ideas to help make my web presence the best! For this reason I would highly recommend DMA if your looking to build an amazing online presence!

Marcus O. (Osborne Construction & Excavation Owner)

Mark Osborne
Infinty team1

Working with Denton and the entire Dangerous Minds Advertising Team was and continues to be a very positive experience. I would highly recommend them to help take your business to the next level. Their communication is timely, they are detail oriented, they take the time to understand your business and goals and they show a genuine commitment to help you succeed. They challenged our “normal” marketing strategies and encouraged us step outside our boxes and introduced new lead marketing strategies never tried before and we are so glad they did. The pay off was immediate and we still continue to grow gaining new clients everyday. Thank you DMA team. Keep up the amazing work you do.

Jenn J. (Infinity Orthotic Centre Manager)

This company is phenomenal! Dangerous Mind Advertising is well worth my investment. They increased my clientele and they were super professional in the way they handled my projects. Dangerous Mind Advertising Representatives carefully explained and guided me through each step they planned on taking to achieve my business goals, and that for me was a bonus because I feel a lot more comfortable when I understand what exactly is being offered by the marketing company.

From day one they have gone above and beyond to make sure that my business needs were met. They now have a client for life!

Alinka A. (Infinity Performing Arts Studio Owner)

The Owners of Yow Wings

We are very happy with DMA. Their customer service is exceptional. They exceeded our expectations. Always available for troubleshooting, giving feedback on how to enhance the growth of our business. Speaking with the team from DMA, they helped us get exactly what we were looking for. Only suggestion we would have is that…they

consider having restaurants as clients. Restaurant would really see the benefits. Having more new customers on a weekly basis like we have seen, minimum of 5-10 new customers weekly. For a fairly new restaurant that’s outstanding. Thank you DMA. We will definitely be recommending your company to others.

Ryan & Angie Hamilton (Yow Wings Owners)

Denton is an absolute expert in his profession. He is constantly looking for new ways to help my business and stays in touch on a regular basis. He has spent countless hours researching sleep disorders and dental practices to help me build the oral appliance therapy aspect of my dental practice. He has also been a tremendous resource for learning about human behaviour, employment standards act and helping me see my own strengths and weaknesses as a leader in my practice. Thank you for all of your hard work Denton.

Dr. Mehan (Mehan Dental)

Dr. Promila Mehan

“Denton, you kept your word!  I decided to become a divorce attorney after a very bad breakup with my Ex-wife back in the 90’s and as a result I love helping people in Toronto find their way to equal partnership after divorce.  You sent me seventy-one applications within 3.5 months and I was able to serve 12 new clients since working with you.  I am truly blessed to have met you and now I have more free time to travel the world, let’s keep the boat rocking!  Thank you Denton

Ron C. Fritz (Private Lawyer)

“Word around the gym is there’s a new Sheriff in town to straighten up businesses.  I was skeptical when Denton told me he could bring me new clients especially from my local area.  I’ve been a gym owner for 5 years now and figured most people knew about my gym in my local area.  I was wrong and Denton proved that to me by bringing me fresh new faces that wanted to transform their lives.  I received 21 prospects in just 3 weeks and closed 9 clients on my 1-year membership.  Thank you Denton and I will continue to use your services!”

Sherry C. Jones (Gym Owner)

“All I can say is Denton you rock!  I had no clue I can grow my electrician business outside of ‘word of mouth’ advertising especially in New York where many people prefer to use illegal Electricians to save on costs.  Now I almost have more clients than I can handle regularly.  I even hired my cousin to help me out at night time.  I remember when you first told me that you would be the bridge to my clients and you weren’t lying at all.  Thank you for helping me grow my man!”

Vaughn C. Conway (Electrician Contractor)

“Denton, thank you for your ideas and implementation to help me with brand awareness and to get more patients.  Helping people has always been my life’s journey and I see you’re on the same path!  I started my work with you with a BANG until these two guys showed up, do you know them? LOL.  I’m confident with our action plan and will see it through.  Thank you!!!”

Dr. Dhaliwal (Gut Health Physician)

“I don’t know what to say… 5 signups within 2 weeks shows a steady growth we weren’t used too.  Whatever you’re doing is working mate and we appreciate your attentiveness Denton.”


Dennis Jenkins & Kim Fields (HIIT Gym Owners)

“I’m helping so many people with my Yoga/Joga services in the downtown area and I have to admit my first client from you Denton was a private one on one session, followed by seven clients that took my 3 month packaged deal all within 6 weeks of working with you.  I’m very grateful my dear!”

Evelyn Brown (Yoga/Joga Business Owner)

“Denton, you don’t know me but I heard it was you who referred me to my Podiatrist?!?  Anyway, Dr. Charles says hello and when will you be getting your feet checked out? Ha.  I’m running again because a good person hooked me up with a good Doctor.  Thank you D!”

Eric Smith (Podiatrist Patient)

“You told me to be nice so I guess I have to lol!  Nah… you’re the real deal dude and it only took three weeks for my home to sell all thanks to you and now I’m livin it up lol!  Take care buddy!”

Lawrence A. (Home Seller)

“My brother said I wouldn’t have grown my pipes this big if it weren’t for you Denton and I say he’s right with the 3 roof jobs you’d gotten me last month.  I did this nasty rooftop that has so many peaks and valleys and I swear this arm growth was overnight. Let’s continue to kill it before the winter hits…  Rock on Denton!”

Brian Goad (Roofing Company Owners)

“Cheers Denton!  The promotion was a success.  Today was our launch and more than 60% so far said they came from my online presence.  I don’t know a thing about being online, but as long as I know you I guess that’ll be our secret. 😉 Thank you and we’ll definitely stay in touch partner!”

Scott Riley (Coffee Shop/Bookstore Owner)

“Helping people where they fall short is a great business model Denton” I’ve done PPC marketing in the past and it was a nightmare!  Although I wanted you to take a crack at it… I distinctly remembered you refusing and explained how I would get more business.  You were right, and that’s why I appreciate working with you the most.  Your consultation on best practices and honesty is what helps business owners like me succeed.  Thank you!”

Millian J Poquet Sr. (Contract Law Business Owner)

“Hey Denton, my husband and I would like to thank you for all the help you’d given us.  I had no clue our processes were broken and costing me sales and I’m glad you were able to look at that process for us.  We’d saved ourselves almost $80k on staff and our client acquisition process makes a whole lot of sense now. Thank you for your direction and detail, not to mention the leads you send us daily as it was definitely what we needed (Big Hug😊.)”

Melisa Kane (Boutique Spa Business Owner)

“Excellent job money well spent. DMA did an excellent job in marketing my gym. Excellent time management, precision in targeting to my market niche. I recommend DMA for your marketing needs!”

Michele W (Women’s Gym Owner)

“Our biggest breakthrough working with Denton was that he was being responsible for our success which is very bold!  What I liked most was his personality/hardworking/work ethics and his immense input in getting the job done.  If someone is looking to work with Denton, it will be the best investment to even know Denton.  If I were to sum up 3 characteristics it would be creative, engaging and valuable.”

Delroba O (Toronto Cosmo Clinic)

“We have tried to save costs by independently creating marketing campaigns and they gave results next to nil.  We were unprepared for the volume off communications we received after Denton Daley’s campaign.  The calls and messages were not from people looking to kick tires but from individuals genuinely interested in our program.  Our conversion rate has always been very good, our program is fantastic however we just weren’t reaching the right market and Denton got us the right exposure that converted.”

Johanne C (Music Franchise Business Owner)

“Within a month, we were covering our costs and in the second month, we had almost tripled our investment. We’ve certainly found this to be the most effective advertising strategy we’ve tried and the nice part is if we want more leads, we simply invest more in the initial advertising – which we will be doing!

Simply put, this has been effective, cost-efficient and exciting as it’s bringing our business to new levels!”

Wayne S (Sales Manager for Better Business Bureau)

“When I first spoke with Denton I won’t lie I thought “Oh no here we go again another marketing guy filled with empty promises”!!  However, after speaking with him for a few minutes he seemed to be quite genuine and very knowledgeable so I thought OK I will give him a chance… and the rest was history as they say! 

My experience with Denton and the Dangerous Mind Advertising Team has been completely top-notch from day 1.  Literally I received over 20 leads within a few hours of working with Denton.  I find Denton to be genuine, honest and very knowledgeable, he is there with you every step of the way, always answering my calls promptly and always offering helpful solutions!  I would definitely recommend Denton and the Dangerous Mind Advertising group to everyone that wants Fast Results!!  Thanks Denton!!”

 Marie G (Envy Me Medical Spa Owner)

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