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Lead Generation For Your Business

Many business owners struggle with lead generation for their business simply because they don’t know how to systematize the process.

It is important that you keep the bloodline flowing in your business, being the leads, served with the products and services they need to keep both of you afloat.

So how do you fix this if you’re struggling to get leads that will turn into customers to accurately predict your revenue month?

In this blog, I’m going to speak to you about various ways to be both profitable and useful for your clients which all stems from systematizing lead generation.


First thing, you must understand once you go into business it is no longer about you anymore.

Many generally get into business and initially believed if they go into business for themselves then it’s about improving their future.

This is partially correct, but with this constant mindset continued over a relatively short period of time will ultimately lead to your company’s demise.

But why is that? It is a known fact people like to buy, but don’t like to be sold too so believing you have the best product or service will set you apart from the competition is a poor mentality to have.

You may be 100% correct that you have the best product or service out there, but having the best product or service is useless without a lead generating system.


Lead generation can be done in many way, but to keep this short, lets focus on some of the most popular ways people like to connect clients to their products or services.

First, there’s the Blogging technique.  Bloggers write compelling articles daily and have the content optimized in search engine optimization known as SEO.

Once Bloggers have their content optimized so it’s a top blog or article helping their viewers get the results they’re looking for, this can be a very lucrative way to generate leads to your business.

Once leads are generated to your business, it is your job to entice them to buy your product over the competition.

SEO is another great way to acquire leads on a consistent basis.

Search Engine Optimization can drive over 30% of the worlds Google platform users to your website if done properly.

Many seekers use Bing and Yahoo search engines to search for particular interest, but it’s nothing compared to the multi-billion users who search using Google for all their needs.

Just knowing this tells you if you do the research and position yourself among Googles first page rankings, you will attract customers literally while you sleep.

SEO positioning is a long-haul approach to lead generation which takes anywhere from 0-8 months for websites that’s been online for more than one year and 0-12 months for new websites to rank high in the search engine to command traffic.

As mentioned, this is a long play, but what happens if you don’t have one year to start generating clients frequently?

Word of mouth is always good or otherwise known as ‘Organic traffic.’  And just like SEO, it’s always great to have free leads find your business and become customers.

The same issue with this is the time it takes to set up your lead generating system and if you can’t invest the time it takes to acquire these clients frequently, there is another way to get clients much faster.


PPC otherwise known as Pay Per Click advertising is another great way for lead generation.

Unlike waiting 1 year or more to get a decent ranking on Google’s search engine platform, you can rank your website right at the top of the search engine in a matter of minutes so that your prospects can be compelled to interact with your headline first before moving onto the next.

This is a powerful way to advertise, but it comes with a premium that must be paid every single time a unique visitor clicks on your ad.

The idea of using PPC is to pay out $1 and get $2 or more in return and although this sounds easy, there can be a lot of testing involved to get this right.

Some of the best testing aspects to change and entice your prospect to click on your ad is by making better attention grabbing headlines.

Once you’ve optimized your headline and are generating enough clicks, the work doesn’t stop there.  If you’re not getting the conversions to supplement your ROI thereafter, then you must change features on your landing page that are more congruent to what your prospect is searching for.

This is where the real work takes place, but can easily be done as long as you’re testing one aspect at a time so you can keep track of what works versus what didn’t.

Generating leads is a constant process and never stops if you want to stay in business and optimize on the lowest ‘cost per click’ ratio and the only way to do that is to help others reach their wants and needs comfortably by presenting your offer that resonates.

PPC can be expensive, so what other cost efficient ways can be done to promote your business???


Content marketing is the number one way to build an audience and systematize lead generation.

Using social platforms to help people get results they’re looking for is a great way to build an audience and leverage lead generation.

The better the content, the quicker you will build an audience, and the quicker you build an audience is the quicker you will see a return on your time investment.

Many like to do content creation because they don’t have the start up funds or they simple like to utilize social media platforms to bring more awareness and scale their  business.

A combination of both paid and organic advertising will always be best as it’s wise to use the best of both worlds to bring awareness and show off your knowledge, skill, product or service to your prospects in hopes you can help them succeed.

Many don’t like to get in front of a camera, but in the 21st century it is no longer needed as there are many ‘Videographers’ out there who can show your services without showing your face.

However, getting in front of a camera to optimize your business is a preferred method to gain the trust and social proof from your prospects.

However you want to generate leads is up to you, but there are many more ways this can be done effectively all dependent on where your target audience likes to hang out.


The biggest take away to systematizing lead generation is to always do your research before you launch any type of campaign.

The research will align you with your ideal prospect and using the platforms that are congruent to your offer is the best way to start.

If you’re having trouble identifying your ideal prospects or simply have no time to run your campaigns, it’s always wise to invest in professionals which can be the saving grace for your business long-term.