The Power Of Story Telling

It always amazes me when I consult with clients and they seem to hide behind their computer, product or service and have no clue to the power of story telling to help sell their product or service.  It’s very rare when I meet with business owners and they understand exactly why leads buy their product or services.

So how do you motivate business owners to change?  Is a question I get from my students and I start by asking two very simple questions… Why do you believe people buy from you?   Do you believe it’s because of your product and what they know about you? I get various reasons, but most importantly we can all agree manifestation and transferring of emotions by telling your authentic story will increase magnetism and authority in your market.

It is very important to have an authentic story and fight the temptations to fabricate events to create suspense and curiosity with your audience.  Be real, be authentic and understand telling your story will help the lives of those in communication with you.  You know there are no such person being regarded as ‘perfect’ by definition, so behaving as this glossy, perfect individual will repel instead of attract for obvious reasons.  The biggest reason is because nobody will be able to relate to this ‘perfect’ façade and as a result you can have the best product or service and still get no love from the marketplace.

In the 21st century, entrepreneurs are privy to seeing almost everything on social media and attending live events to hear their favorite professionals speak.  So it’s becoming very apparent when you’re dealing with a ‘fake’ versus an authentic person because all the ‘fakes’ have the very same similarities as do the authentic people in their regard.  The authentic will never try to be perfect, because they know being perfect never got them to where they are today, but the ‘fakes’ will always lose you in communication because they typically have a burning desire to express the health, wealth or anything they’re promoting to be the only way to your goals.

If you want to successfully sell your brand, it is imperative to tell the raw uncut version of what you’d gone through and how you got to where you are today… Period!  Explain the struggles and pains in details so you motivate others to take action and earn the success they aspire to receive.

How do you write you story?

I’ve been fortunate to be around many who learned my story and helped me flourished by connecting me with the right people that naturally wanted to help me succeed.  This doesn’t have to be the case for most and as long as there’s an understanding it only takes one person to change your life, then skies the limit for anyone trying to get their story out there as to why they’re the better choice. I grew up with a single mother, along with my three siblings in Canada’s first housing project called Regent Park.

My mother being 21 at the time with four children struggled, but thankfully we never knew how poor we were because it seemed like everyone around us was in the same situation.  My mother got her break and moved us out of the slum to acquire a better life and it turned out to be the right move as I have many friends who have died, became addicts or are in prison for life. My family and I been through many obstacles and I’m proud to say we overcame the odds and have built successful careers, but this story isn’t about me… It’s about you and how you will tell your story to earn respect and authority in your marketplace.

I like to use a framework that works for my students that encourages to outline their greatest struggles and revisit tough moments and vulnerability.  Then workout the order in which you overcame these moments and how.  It is important to list the skills you’d learned during that time, that maybe you didn’t know were in development due to your misfortunes.  Always, inform your listeners and readers of the outside sources that helped you to become who you are. The ‘fakes’ don’t like to give that credit because their mindsets are typically on wealth and suddenly become competitive with those who helped them.

Wealth will always be a by-product of your authentic intentions and paying respects where they’re due magnetizes people towards you, and doesn’t naturally repel anyone to seek your mentor for support.  People don’t go to your competition unless they can’t relate to your story which is why your story must be authentic and an experience you shared with your contemporaries so they trust that you can guide them to where they want to be.

It wouldn’t make sense for your views to leave you to join someone else that doesn’t relate to their experiences because they will find themselves being lost in communication and have no motivation to break free.  The ‘fakes’ will fabricate their stories to sound as if they’re the only person with their struggles who overcame, but in reality there are billions of people on earth so naturally there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who share your same struggle.

The authentic moments are what people need and want to hear about because it gives the motivation and inspiration to succeed when they get the proof that they are not alone.  One of the biggest misconceptions entrepreneurs have is they believe, ‘Nobody cares about my story!”  This is simply not true and if they feel that way it’s probably because of how they’re telling their story.  To create the connection with your viewers could mean sharing details of your personal life that relate to a circumstance or situation that derived from an experience.

Where to share story

Sharing your story can be done on many various platforms that are too much to list in this blog, but the most popular platforms are any social media platforms.  It is important to align your story on the right platform in front your targeted demographics.  It doesn’t matter how good your story is, if nobody’s aware of it then it doesn’t matter.  I highly recommended if you’re comfortable getting in front of cameras to use video and transgress your story through your demographics.

It is proven that video drastically increases your conversions whether that is a simple signup to receive more information or purchasing a product that can help you succeed.  Focus on as many platforms as possible that is relevant to your brand.  It’s always wise to hire a VA to help with the distribution on getting your content on at least 4 of major social media platforms. Putting out content relevant to your audience                      can be overwhelming, but during this content creation journey you can always document your progress.  This can constitute as another piece of content for your story that many will be interested.

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