Human Connection is Critical for Business Growth – How to Effectively Tell Your Brand’s Story

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Business Blog

It’s no secret that social media and the online world has its pros and cons. While many argue that it has led to a decrease in face-to-face interaction and human connection, others say it has given them a place to belong to a community. From a business perspective, the social media world has not only increased the avenues for marketing campaigns but, if worked correctly, it can give your business the platform you need to share your story and further intrigue prospective customers, thus increasing business growth.

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What is Brand Storytelling and Why is It Important?

Simply put, this is the process of telling the story of your brand to the world. It involves the background story of how your business started, the values your business uses as guiding principles, and what your brand hopes to accomplish in the future. This marketing strategy is used to create an emotional connection with prospective and current clients so that they are more willing to invest in your business.

With so many competitors in the market, it is important to separate your business from the pack. While a flashy logo is nice, it usually isn’t what draws people into your company; it’s the emotion behind your brand that builds the connection – this is done through proper storytelling.

Proper storytelling involves explaining the history, the wins and losses over the years, and the passion within the individuals behind the brand. By doing this, your brand will be more likely to evoke an emotional response from the market, leading to more people wanting to both invest in your company and share your company’s messaging. 

The key to building your messaging is to stay away from just spewing facts and actually wrap those facts up in a memorable experience for the audience. In fact, it’s been said that we are 22 times more likely to remember facts when they are delivered in a story – exemplifying why it is important to articulate your messaging in this fashion.

Your company’s mission statement should be the first avenue you use to tell the public about your brand’s core values and what you stand for. It’s a simple statement, usually one or two sentences, that will quickly grab and keep the attention of prospects. From there, you should include video marketing in your strategy, as it is one of the most effective methods for brands to tell their stories.

How Video Marketing Assists in Telling Your Brand’s Story

In today’s day and age, the internet has created many avenues to share what your brand is all about. Your strategy could include blogs, photo ads, or videos – with video marketing proving to be the most powerful method. Many social media platforms are shifting from written words and pictures to quick videos and it is only expected that society has followed suit. Think of it this way, while books are great, movies tend to elicit more of an emotional response – your brand’s advertising campaign should be in line with this reality.

Using a quick video, your company is able to share its values and messaging to millions of people in the online world through the click of a button. In addition to the convenience factor, videos allow you to also utilize various visuals and audios to support your storytelling and draw in more interest from prospective clients.

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While designing your videos, it is important to also consider the avenue in which it will be delivered to the public and how that will impact the duration and content. If it will be released on social media, you may want to keep it short and simple but connect it to your website to direct prospective buyers to make a purchase. On your website, you can include a longer video with additional messaging.

In your video, make sure to include how your product/service will impact the customer, the history of your brand, some originality to separate you from the pack, and remember to be honest – that is how you will emotionally connect to viewers.

There are various formats your business may choose when designing this form of medium and that is where Dangerous Mind Advertising can help. Our team can assist you in analyzing your audience and business goals in order to create and implement the perfect strategy to build a connection between your customers and your brand’s story.

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