5 Rules to Find Success on Your Path

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Inspiration

My Success Path

When I left my 6-figure career to follow my passion to become Champion Boxer of the world, I knew that my success would be short lived due to the nature and duration of athletics.  I began Boxing at the age of 25 and I didn’t feel I was going backwards by entering into a sport that was quite the opposite of how I was living.  Maybe it was because I was previously a business owner and was confident I can do it again, or maybe it was because I had a skill-set that would always produce a return on investment once finished my athletic career.

Regardless, it was a gut feeling I needed to explore and the day I left ‘boring’ corporate Canada, working for fortune 500 companies as their secret weapon, it was the best decision I’d made with my professional career.  You’ve heard that saying, “If you don’t build your dreams, you’ll be building someone else’s” and I found that quote to always motivate me to find my path even after my successful career.

I always believed my life was great, besides all the misfortunes I had endured, but everyone goes through unfortunate circumstances and or situations that can be life threatening which is why I remain believing that life is fair.  I’d based my success on the people I’ve interacted with and money I’ve earned as a young man, but as I’d gotten older this frame of mind had changed drastically.  What I’d noticed with many people I interact with everyday is we all have this inner drive to always help somebody where we can especially if it takes no effort.  I wonder why that is?  Regardless of what business we’re in, whether that’s a brick and mortar or a business online, once you can help somebody achieve a goal it is the greatest gift of all in my opinion.  Being compensated to help others achieve success is the true definition of an entrepreneur.

Now, when I consult with high school students and ask, “What exactly do you want?” I always get a slew of ideas such as, ‘I want to make lots of money, I want to buy a home, I want my dream car, I want…”  Then I ask, “What if you can get your goals by helping somebody get theirs?”  Then they say, “I never thought about it that way!”  Although wanting materialistic things can be perceived as arrogant, it truly isn’t and we all have a right to pick and choose our goals whatever they may be.  It’s just much easier to obtain once you provide a need for the population you’re in contact with and this simple principle is continuously being overlooked.

Rule #1 – Understanding Money

The number #1 principle I teach is that money will always be a byproduct of success.  Although success doesn’t have to be money, this is a great example because it’s still the currency that dictates our lives for better or for worse.  You must be successful before you can make money, but many believe someone is successful after they’d made money.  Earle Nightingale once said, “Success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal” which clearly means, if you’re moving everyday towards the outcome you desire, you are a success.  The key is to put systems in place that will not allow you to stray and to develop a ‘Why’ that can be verbally repeated everyday for your success.  Writing down your goals is a powerful exercise because scientists have proven writing down your goals and reviewing them daily dramatically improves your success rate versus keeping your ideas within your mind.

Rule #2 – Hone Your Unique Gifts and Purpose

Understand money will always be a byproduct of your dedication and commitment, so how does someone stay dedicated and committed?  The answer to this is to focus and learn a skill-set you naturally feel inclined to do.  This isn’t an easy thing to decide in the beginning for most entrepreneurs, but the people who put practices in place to determine what they want are the difference between a failing or successful entrepreneur.

Using the internet is a big resource to research almost anything about you.  I remember doing some research online and came across a ‘Professional Cuddler.’  I initially believed this was a joke of some sort, but later learned that persons literally travel the world to be with people who genuinely need a hug from time to time.  Now, this may sound strange or you may even believe I made this up so I thought to include a link here.  This is only ‘ridiculous’ to those who don’t need the service, but very valuable to those who consume.  When I show occupations like this to my students, it almost instantly frees their mind to believe they can do anything to obtain their goals once there is a market for it.

Honing your craft while building it around your purpose will be the difference between failure and success as an entrepreneur.  Remembering this should always keep you on the path to your success.

Rule #3 – Be Aware of Your Surroundings

It is no secret that we typically become the environment we live.  If you cannot change your environment at the moment, succeeding in life or in business can be very difficult.  Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will give you the ‘edge’ of life and should be the #1 priority regardless of environment.  The positive energy that is given when surrounded by like-minded people is like no other.  Just imagine that ‘Thing’ you want so badly and being in connection with others that are going for that very same thing.  Motivation is almost an understatement for the energy you’d receive and to leverage with this concept and can be the difference between your success or failure.

Rule #4 – Daily Habit For Success

We all need good habits to keep up on track.  The best way to develop such habit is to practice doing 1 or 2 things at a time for 30 days.  This can be difficult, but if successful you would have officially built a habit once it’s geared towards your success.  It is easy to procrastinate a task for later in the day when building a habit, then eventually the habit gets lost.  To prevent this demise, it is best practice to restart your habit building effort if you missed a day even if it’s day 29.  The discipline will grow and will serve you for the rest of your life.   The only way to change our subconscious mind is to consciously change it.  This is easier said than done because our subconscious minds are what drives who we are.  Just imagine literally waking up and being someone totally different… That can be done with time and a plan to execute for success.  It is naturally that we must be someone totally different to become and gain the things we may want in life.  The key is to understand the change you’re making is still you, but the better version of you.


Rule #5 – Set Goals and Reward Yourself

I remember setting goals as a young child as it was a lesson I had learned from a grade 2 teacher.  I was led to believe if I simply wrote it down, it would magically appear one day.  Although I still laugh at this today, part of this equation remains to be true.  The other part to make this whole is setting specific milestones before the ultimate goal and achieve them one-by-one.

Yes, this is something you already know… but then why are you not where you envisioned?  We all have excuses for not doing the things we really need to do, but the trick to goal setting is to understand there will always be ‘things’ in the way that must be controlled.  Whenever something gets into the way, it’s just another reality check for you to determine if your goals are what you really want.

If you believe in your goals, you will never be swayed knowing that ‘things’ will come up frequently at times as this is apart of life.  Go out there… Envision the big dream, then work backwards from there and accomplish milestones.  If you’re progressively moving towards your ideal situation, then you’re succeeding day-by-day and it will be impossible to fail.